The Book of Moon cover.pngThe Book of Moon

It coulda been worse.

That's the working epitaph of 15-year-old Moon Landing. Not that Moon's death is imminent—far from it—but his thoughts have turned to gallows humor, as his world disintegrates along with his parents' marriage. His older brother skateboards through life with ease, but Moon is deeply troubled.

Just as he is solving for romantic unknowns with a gorgeous older girl, Moon must contend with his father's sudden absence, his mom-gone-wild's sexcapades, and his best friends' curious penchant for self-destruction. Not to mention his newfound role in agitating to end an African guerilla's bloody rampage.

To make sense of it all, Moon embarks on a quest to unravel the riddle of God's injustice to man.

In this humorous and touching coming-of-age novel, Moon struggles to understand his parents—who they are, what brought them together, what broke them apart—and what that all means for his future.

"I was instantly captivated by this funny and gritty book—a Catcher in the Rye for the selfie generation! Moon Landing is a darkly hilarious narrator of the contradictions and confusions of growing up. Thrilling, vivid, and deeply satisfying!"

–Chuck Ranberg, Five-time Emmy Award®-winning writer of Frasier and Desperate Housewives

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