The Accidental Savant Cover.pngThe Accidental Savant

Got it!

That’s the mantra of Gregory “Friz” Collins, a Texas boy who chases footballs like a border collie romping after frisbees— until a concussion knocks him clear into another hemisphere.

Friz is not one in a million—he’s one in many millions.


Injuring his brain opens his mind. When it rewires, Friz has an astounding new ability.

The boy who has never picked up a guitar can now play one like a rock star. He is an “acquired savant”—a rare individual whose brain takes a spectacular turn for the better following serious injury. Naturally, there are consequences—sudden celebrity and viral notoriety. Worse, he is tormented by guilt… for a crime he can’t remember committing.

Friz’s path forward leads to the Mississippi Delta with three colorful bluesmen, where he finds himself while nearly losing his life. On the way, his eyes open wide to racism, white privilege— and the meaning of true friendship.

“An exceptional coming-of-age tale! Wonderful characters— and the perfect balance of humor and poignancy.”

—Lesley Kagan, author of Every Now and Then, The Mutual Admiration Society, and Whistling in the Dark

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